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LOOSE LIPS on the high shelves: Map of sightings. Navigate by region or click a country below to buy direct.

On-land sightings of my gay erotic debut are gathering steam. Now available worldwide in hard, soft and e formats, locate LOOSE LIPS on the high shelves of the world using this interactive map. Choose the region nearest you, float over surrounding markers, and buy in-store or online in the knowledge that you're supporting a gay-friendly bookstore. If not yet charted, drift into your local bookshop to net my novel in your desired firmness via special order. Here's what you'll need: Softcover 9780645555325 Hardback 9780645555301 Should you make your own LOOSE LIPS sighting during a bookstore adventure, write me with a picture and co-ordinates so I can update this map. Happy sailing!

© 2023 Joseph Brennan. All rights reserved.

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