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I hold a PhD in Media & Communications from the University of Sydney, Australia. My doctoral research examined fan-created gay pornography that had yet to be analysed by scholars. Since putting these works on the academic agenda and establishing a name for myself in fan studies, I have branched out into celebrity and porn studies. Underscoring all of my academic work has been a commitment to understanding gay men, masculinity and male sexuality across the full spectrum of media and culture, from the upper echelons of our ancients to the gonzo antics of our sex-open amateurs.

Academic | Joseph Brennan | Author
Dr Joseph Brennan - Journals - Porn


“Analyses dick size and porn studio aesthetics for peer-reviewed academic research. ‘Cultural studies’ has never sounded so fun.” 


—  Steven Blum, journalist, Vice 






—  Volume 21, Issue 2, 2017, Pages 423–440 

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